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Important Notice   Safety and hygiene protocol

Our Covid-19 Safety Measures

For Hotel Segovia Regency in Mexico City offering a safe stay comes first, that’s why we’ve implemented the following Covid-19 safety measures:

  • Temperature checks upon arrival for guests, staff and suppliers.
  • There are sanitizing mats for our guests and collaborators to use.
  • Application of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer.
  • There will be 70% alcohol hand sanitizer in the hotel common areas and restaurant.
  • Mandatory use of face mask to access the facilities and to use throughout your stay; the staff uses face shields and face mask as well.
  • Acrylic shields in the reception.
  • Check in and check out are done as quick as possible.
  • 50 meters social distance between every person in the reception area.
  • Trained and protected staff to offer our guests a safe and nice environment, just like home.
  • There are informative signs and signage showing the main safety measures.
  • Use of elevators with limited capacity of 2 people.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitization of the rooms, as well as disinfection of carpets and surfaces with products approved and recommended by our health authorities.
  • Ventilation of at least 72 hours prior guest arrival.
  • A la carte food service or room service.
  • The tables at the restaurant comply with the required space and the maximum occupancy is 4 people.
  • Our menus are disposable but you can also download the menu to your cellphone through a QR code.
  • The cutlery is prepackaged and disinfected.
  • We avoid the use of tablecloths.
  • The food is prepared under the strictest hygiene measures.